“Jonah ran from God rather than to God.  However when he turned to God his life became extremely successful.  In this book, Nathan Tabor shares his own ‘Jonah story’.  Many Christians will identify with his journey.  What we need is help on how to ‘run toward God’.  Modern Day Jonah is filled with practical ideas on how to break free from self-centered living and reach your potential for God and good in the world.”

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D.

Author of The 5 Love Languages

"It is my privilege to recommend to your ministry, or organization, Brother Nathan Tabor. God has done a unique work in Nathan’s life. I believe it is beneficial to hear the perspective of a man who has experience and success in business, politics, and many other areas, and yet found himself empty. A person’s most powerful witness is their testimony. I encourage you to allow Nathan to share how God is rewriting Nathan’s story. Everyone needs to be reminded that God has not given up on them, even if everyone else has."​

Daniel Hawtree

Head Pastor of Kerwin Baptist Church, Kernersville, NC

“As a believer, a former pastor and twice presidential candidate, I’ve seen what happens when people choose to ignore God and do things their own way. It’s essential for Christians to unite their relationship with God to their daily lives. Nathan Tabor is courageous for sharing his personal struggles and admitting the error of his former ways.  He confronts the Modern-Day Jonah as a practical model for living a Christian life. This book is a relevant, truthful, and inspiring guide to help individuals meet today’s challenges and struggles with a Christian outlook and answers.”

Mike Huckabee

Governor of AR 1996-2007; Host of "Huckabee" on TBN

"Do you have everything, yet still feel like something is missing?  We often get sidelined by the influence of money, status, and power--which causes frustration, dissatisfaction and misery.  But don’t lose hope, there's a Biblical solution to your situation.  As you know, God gives everyone a special calling and Nathan Tabor has been called to share his journey away from God and the process he went through coming back to God.   When you read Nathan's thoughtful, faith-filled words, you’ll see the benefit of answering God’s calling on your life.  And once you experience the power of God's will for your life, you can be the godly person you're meant to be."

Gordon Robertson

President and CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network

“A Modern-Day Jonah is one man’s search to reconnect with God. He tells of his journey away from God and the circumstances that caused him to seek out God and reform his life to live in right relationship with God.  In the process of telling about his transformation, the author provides a synthesis of best practices by which to order one’s life after first putting God.  The layout of the book lends itself to being a good reference tool and ensures that the book will be easy to use on a regular basis.  For those struggling in their own lives, the book will serve to guide them back to God. For others, the ideas in the book will serve a reminder of what steps must be taken to avoid falling into the same pitfalls that lead us away from God and into a miserable existence.”

Barbara Holt

Past President, North Carolina Right to Life

“My friend, Nathan Tabor has written a much needed book for all believers. He has written with up front honesty and utmost transparency.  While talking about issues that we all face he discusses his own personal struggles with these same issues. So, he’s not preaching “at” us. He’s making it where we can have a candid and open discussion. Many writers do a great job telling us what the “problems” are yet they leave us hanging about how to change or reverse-correct or solve the problems.  The Bible character Jonah takes on real meaning when Nathan shows us step by step how easy it is to get away from God while often thinking that we are close to God when in reality we are far far away from Him.  And although we might want to blame others or our circumstances the reason usually is because of our own choices. Nathan, through this man Jonah shows us how we can get things right with God and no matter how far away a person is they can return to our Father and have a right relationship and a victorious life. This is a great book for individuals to read or for families to read together. It would make an excellent study for your churches small group or Sunday School.”

Tim Lee


“Through Nathan’s personal journey, he has produced a real-time, encouraging work. A transparent opus demonstrating what God can do through repentance and living in obedience. Life lessons in shifting from self to significance. Everyone needs this strong reminder.”

Cary E. Vaughn

CEO/President, Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.

“Nathan Tabor has been a good friend of mine for many years. I have always admired his work ethic, integrity and leadership skills but in most recent times I have an even greater respect for his honesty and transparency. As he has written about how God used circumstances in his life to allow him to see life from a different perspective and see true success is not as what he has strived for most of his life, I have come to respect him that much more. Nathan is a man of God who is committed to making a difference in others’ lives and in the world around him.”

Sharon Kelly

Executive Director, LifeLine Pregnancy Help Center, Elkin, NC

“This book contains a wealth of practical and spiritual wisdom. It contains Nathan’s testimony (which most of us can identify with), helpful devotionals, and insights on numerous issues. Here you will find a single resource containing a virtual encyclopedia with the steps to get where you want to go. I heartily recommend Modern-Day Jonah.”

Harold Vaughan

Evangelist and Founder Christ Life Ministries

"Nathan Tabor is a Christian with a poignant personal story. He grew up a preacher’s kid, has a remarkable account of business success as an entrepreneur and was a candidate for the United States Congress. However, lying beneath the veneer of all his successes, was a young man headed for catastrophic crisis. Today, by the grace of God, he is an eminent success in all the things that really matter: peace of heart, relationship with wife and daughter, and personal walk with Jesus Christ, his Lord."

Howard Wilburn

Retired Pastor, Salem Baptist, Winston-Salem, NC

"Nathan has been a steady encouragement to all those who hear him speak, read his devotions or follow him on Social Media. Through transparency, he compels other believers to make wise decisions and live the Christian life as God intends.  I believe his heart and message is truly needed. Please consider having him share his compelling message to your congregation."

Sam Hicks

Pastor of WABC, Asheboro NC

"Finally, someone who has the compassion, interest and care to encourage me, say what needs to be said even when the answer is difficult to digest. Be it for professional do’s and don’ts, business strategy or in the personal realm of friendship, Nathan is a bright light in the world for those who dare engage him for support, encouragement or just in casual conversation. God has him hook, line and sinker and he is careful to speak truth because he knows he is responsible to someone Greater than himself with the advice he shares.  Nathan is a great person to know."

Karen Ball, Owner

Dutch Barn Dan

"Within 5 minutes of meeting Nathan at the National Religious Broadcasters he had introduced me to several of the largest broadcasting networks in the world and helped me secure several interviews on national television and radio show programs.   Nathan didn’t know me but he took his time and energy and invested it in helping me.  If you want someone who can get the job done I highly suggest Nathan Tabor."

Dimas Salaberrios

Author, Street God

"I met Nathan when I was speaking at a local NC banquet. He was the emcee of the evening. I watched Nathan engage with the crowd, carry the evening, and then be genuinely concerned for my subject and future. He has made introductions for me that I did not ask for. He knew what direction would be good for me and he took the bull by the horns and is making it happen. I am so impressed with his professionalism, generosity, and authenticity. These traits are rare these days. Business with Nathan was a breath of fresh air!"

Sheila L. Harper

Founder and President, SaveOne.org

"As executive director of the Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, DC for 12 years and now as its ambassador, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest and best of our nation’s current and future leaders. Nathan Tabor is one of those outstanding leaders that inspires anyone in association with him. He is a well-rounded individual with business expertise, political acumen, and well-grounded in his faith and in his conservative values. An impressive speaker, Nathan is dynamic, articulate, intelligent, and witty. This outstanding “package” comes “wrapped” in a very pleasing “cover”. Nathan is impressive in his height and in his wholesome and pleasing countenance. Because I was so impressed with Nathan, I chose to invite him to speak for our organization, and he shared an amazing, inspirational, and motivational message with a large group of Capitol Hill staffers. That program received a very high evaluation from the audience. I highly recommend Nathan Tabor for any position or public speaking opportunity.

George Roller

Executive Director, D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship

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