Modern Day Jonah

Why Modern-Day Jonah?


Jonah is a biblical figure that even if you're not that familiar with his story, you can probably relate to him.  Jonah choose to ignore God’s instructions and do things his way.  His choice to disobey God lead to storms in his life and those around him and Jonah made these storms worse by choosing to continue to ignore God.  In the end, Jonah had to choose to rectify his choices by taking steps to get right with God.


You see, in Jonah’s mind he had every right to do what he did.  I know I’ve thought this, have you?   Have you chosen to ignore God and do things your way?


How’s that going for you and what are you doing to handle it?  Jonah tried to resolve his situation by sleeping, by lying and by blaming others. I tried to “cure” myself by making money and growing my businesses, by spending money on things and taking vacations, and by blaming others for my situation. Doing this allowed me to temporarily soothe the “things” going on in my life, and it allowed me to ignore my root issue of needing to get right with God. The problem was my distractions never lasted long enough, and eventually it became crystal clear I had to make a change.


What are your distractions?  Is it playing video games, watching TV, surfing social media, consuming food, hanging out with friends, growing your business, making money, having a few drinks, or maybe I haven’t mentioned it, but it’s something.  It’s something you are doing in an effort to make ignore what’s going on in your life. Whatever it is, I know with 100% certainty it won’t cure the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome.


A Modern-Day Jonah

A Modern-Day Jonah is someone who ignores God’s calling on their life.  They make a conscious decision to disobey God and they are deliberate and calculated in their actions.  They are fully aware of their choice - just like Jonah and when the storms come, they ignore them, they aren’t forthcoming with the truth and they blame others – just like Jonah. 


A Modern-Day Jonah has stopped focusing on God, they have stopped studying His word, they don’t have a meaningful prayer life and they have stopped trying to develop our relationship with Him  - they have drifted away from God.


The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome

The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is a condition caused when a believer ignores God’s word and calling in their life.  The believer makes this choice because they want to do things their way.  The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome starts out slowly but can quickly consume a believer. It affects the behavior, emotions and opinions of the believer and ultimately affects all those around the believer. As the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome takes over, it suffocates one’s ability to be Christlike and their desire to serve God.


The Modern-Day Jonah Symptoms

The symptoms of Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome include but aren’t limited to: stress, anxiety, conflict, poor self-control, chaos, depression, misery, bitterness, strife, self-deception, confusion and sleep deprivation. Those affected with these symptoms search for and apply solutions to their problems like making money, buying things, taking trips, socializing, drinking and ignoring issues.  However, these solutions may temporarily resolve the problem, but they will not last.


The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome affects all aspects of life: personal, professional, financial, physical and spiritual. It is not a medical or scientific issue; it’s a condition caused by a believer’s choices.  Those affected by the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome don’t acknowledge or appreciate the severe and damaging effect this syndrome has on their lives and those around them until it has reached an epic, dangerous, serious and advanced stage.


The Modern-Day Jonah Cure

There is only one cure, and that cure is getting right with God. You must admit you aren’t right with God, confess your sins to Him, and call out to Him in repentance. Until these steps are taken, your “storms” will continue to get worse.


Are you suffering from the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome?  Are you tired of feeling stuck, being frustrated or wondering around aimlessly?  Are you tired of being miserable, anxious, stressed, worried and in constant conflict?  If so, the Handling Life Program is exactly what you need.


It’s time to stop the distractions and start a process which addresses the issues in your life.  Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Handling Life with Nathan Tabor

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