Modern Day Jonah Syndrome

The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is a condition caused when a believer ignores God’s calling on their life.   The symptoms include but aren’t limited to stress, anxiety, conflict, chaos, depression, misery, bitterness, strife, self-deception, confusion and sleep deprivation. 


Those affected by the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome don’t acknowledge or appreciate the severe and damaging effect this syndrome has on their lives and those around them until it has reached an epic, dangerous, serious and advanced stage.  The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome affects all aspects of life: personal, professional, financial, physical and spiritual. The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is not a medical or scientific issue, it’s a condition caused by a believer’s choices.


The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome starts out slow but can quickly consume a believer.  It affects the behavior, emotions and opinions of the believer and unfortunately affects all those around the believer.  It makes one believe their problems can be resolved with money and material things.  As the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome takes over, it chokes out one’s passion for doing God’s will.


The root cause of Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is the believer's sin nature.   This sin nature creates desires within the believer to satisfy the flesh.   The cure to the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is admitting you aren’t right with God, confessing your sins and calling out to God in repentance.   Until these steps are taken, the situation will continue to get worse.


The Solution: Engage, Educate, Encourage


The Handling Life program uses real-life stories and illustrations to give hope to Christians who feel alone. As we know, the real problem in people’s lives is their relationship with God, but if we lead with this, they will walk away.  We want to reach people where they are, first, to help solve their “surface” problems, like time management and conflict resolution.  Once we establish relationship and trust, then we can dive into the “root” problem and how to address it. The primary issue is that they aren’t right with God but there’s something holding them back or standing in their way.  Normally, the big hurdles to turning to God become clear when someone is there to assist and guide them making sure they know they aren’t alone.  This is where the Handling Life program comes in.


The Handling Life program helps people like this walk through the process of giving God control over their entire life and the challenges they will face along the way.  We do this by showing our vulnerability. We must be willing to discuss our failures and fears in our spiritual life and our earthly life.  By sharing with others, it makes them comfortable and allows them to open up to us. This leads to the ability to share with them and disciple them


If God has delivered us from a situation and restored us shouldn’t we share this with others?  Remember, we are called to show the love of Christ to others and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Handling Life with Nathan Tabor
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