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The Modern-Day Jonah Program 
Steps & Downloads

Step 1

download Modern-Day Jonah.  

Read a chapter each week and do one devotional each day.  

Step 2

Take the handling life assessment quiz. This will establish where you are today.

Step 3

Action Plan: Getting Started instructions/directions.  Written instructions here or watch the video.

Step 4

The Daily Devotionals instructions/directions. Written instructions here or watch the video.  Devotionals included in eBook or you can download here.

Step 5

the 5-Step Process worksheet.  Download the worksheet here.  Use this worksheet with the devotionals. 

Step 6

Need more instructions? Click here for detailed instructions.

Step 7

Take the handling life assessment quiz. Compare these results to the first test.  What areas do you need to focus on? 

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Additional Handling Life Resources

The Handling Life Podcast and Videos


The Handling Life Assessment Quiz


The Handling Life Work-Life Balance Program


Need a speaker? contact Nathan about delivering a talk uniquely tailored to your audience.

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