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The Handling Life Program
Detailed Instructions
The Handling Life Program is Bible-Based, Christ-Centered, and focuses on seven areas of your life over seven weeks. Through this program, you will be encouraged to examine and establish where you are with God in those areas. These seven areas are discussed in-depth in Modern-Day Jonah: Stop Surviving, Start Living and make up the framework for the 7-week action plan.
The program is based on my personal story of coming back to God. Now, you get to go through the process and establish a plan of action for your life. 
Action Plan: Getting Started.  Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and let’s get started! Pick a daily time and place to do your reading and daily devotional and stick to it.
Make it a routine. This program will be extremely beneficial to you if you will apply it to your life.  
As you know, when you are faced with overwhelming circumstances, it’s hard to make the right decision unless you know the steps to take. Through this program and action plan, you will establish the steps you need to take.  
This program will challenge you, and at times, you might feel uncomfortable, or you might think you’re being judged, but please know that is not the intent. All materials have been created in God’s love and with the thought of helping you.
The Seven Weeks.  There are seven weeks in the action plan which are based on the chapters in Modern-Day Jonah. Each week contains five daily devotionals that are designed to challenge you, encourage you, and help you develop a deeper relationship with God. I would encourage you to do all seven weeks because you never know what God might reveal to you.
The seven weeks are:
Week 1: Where are You with God
Week 2: Overcoming Mind Games
Week 3: Dealing with Pride
Week 4: Dealing with Forgiveness
Week 5: Developing Patience
Week 6: Apply the Right Wisdom
Week 7: Implementing a Daily Walk
The Daily Devotionals.  Each devotional contains a passage of scripture, a personal thought related to that scripture, three reflection questions, and a prayer.  
The three reflection questions will invite you to confess, identify, and create solutions to address your situation and improve your relationship with God. These questions are part of the 5-Step Process, which are explained below.  
Please don’t overthink these reflection questions—go with your first response. Your first response is often the right one.  
Let me encourage you, don’t get stuck, don’t delay! Just start. Pick a specific issue or area of your life and start giving it to God!
The 5-Step Process.  The 5-Step Process is a problem-solving approach that is designed to help you dig in and identify what’s causing your issues. Once you have identified the issues, then you go to work on correcting them.
These steps are the “prescription” needed to overcome the Modern-Day Syndrome and deal with the “symptoms” you’ve created in your life. I’ve used these steps, and I continue to use these steps.
The five steps are:
Step 1: Confess – the state of admitting or acknowledging your role in the matter. This means you confess your God your sins, and you confess your faults/actions to those you have wronged or hurt.
Step 2: Identify – establishing what’s made you who you are and how you act. This requires you to be completely open and transparent with yourself.
Step 3: Create – to bring into existence, to build something. This is your plan of action. You write down what you need to do, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to do it. 
Step 4: Implementation – the rubber meets the road. This is where you start applying God’s wisdom to your life instead of your wisdom. To know God’s wisdom, you must study His word.
Step 5: Reflection – looking back and making sure you are executing your plan and making sure you are applying God’s wisdom. 
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