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About Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor is the founder of Handling Life.  He is also an entrepreneur, author, business consultant, executive coach, trainer, speaker, and adjunct professor at Liberty University.   Since 1999, he has founded and operated more than two dozen businesses. Along the way, he has had some amazing successes and epic failures in the areas of commercial real estate, automobile financing, direct product sales, web-based marketing, strategic partnership facilitation and online educational courses. 

About Handling Life

Nathan Tabor is the founder and Executive Director of Handling Life.  Handling Life is a ministry focused on helping others “handle life” by apply God's word to their lives.  All Handling Life materials are from a Bible-Based, Christ-Centered perspective.   Handling Life reaches people through social media, videos, podcasts, blogs, websites, and emails to reach people on a daily basis.

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