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Connecting the Dots

For a better life and

relationship with God

Now I want to help you and others but I need help, support, resources, and prayers. 

Handling Life is a non-profit outreach and research ministry focused on planting seeds in ways that spark thoughts, or initiate questions, or resolve confusion, or offer hope, or show love, or create a potential relationship. 


An organization that knows you must connect with someone where they are and build the relationship from that point and perspective.


An organization that integrates God into everything, but doesn't have to make God the center point, or even involve Him in the first conversation(s), to give someone solid life advice or show their light to others. 

An organization that knows God's word is 100% truth, but also knows every translation by man has fatal errors and flaws that make understanding, comprehending, and applying God's word to our lives impossible, but if the foundation isn't right, then the outcome won't be right.

An organization intent on proofing God's word is 100% true and accurate based on historical documents and scientific data.

An organization intent on correcting history errors and connecting history to the Bible


An organization dedicated to restoring women to the role God hand-formed them to do

An organization dedicated to showing ALL, everyone is both created in the image of God and Jesus Christ died for everyone. 

An organization dedicated to SO many more things, but as with any project, or call, or new venture, you have to start somewhere.  This is where I felt was the best place to start.  The history and facts are all already agreed upon, and documented, and very little to no dispute about the matters.  However, when you step back, look at the situation through common sense lenses, then suspend your current knowledge, wisdom, and reality, you can see the truth.  This is the purest form of connecting the dots. 

An organization started by a man named Nathan Tabor who has just one promise for you.  In everything I do, I will be honest and fair and when I make a mistake, and I will, I'm going to make it right.  Why?  Because I know to maintain my peace of mind and the life I desire, I must do things God's way.    

So, what's God's way?  Well, here's what I think it is.  I also think this is life.  Whether you are with God or not, or for an elected official or not, or whatever it is, it comes down to one simple thing.   Before I tell you what it is, I want you to know a few things.  I've tested hundreds, even thousands of different theories in my life, my relationships, and my business and life. Everyone does it.  It's called rationalization.  I do this and in return, I expect this. 

It's the secret to life.  It's the key that allows you to do anything you want.  However, there are variables (see below) and there are steps and there are things that need to be corrected.  That is what this organization is going to do because when you know the secret to life, you can connect with almost anyone. 

The motto is "You Do, You Get." 

It's simple. 


If you don't like what you are getting, or think you should be getting more, then you need to do something in the area of your doing.   

If you like what you are getting, but feel an emptiness or a wanting of more out of life, then change what you are doing with what you've gotten, or do something with your doing or getting that creates additional peace in your life. 

That's what the motto "You Do, You Get" does for you.  Because when I look in the mirror, or I think about who I am, or what I'm going to do, I simply have to think about "I do, I get" - this means if I do that the result is going to be this or worse case, there are 2-3 potential outcomes.  The point is, when you have clarity and peace of mind, it's simple to figure out the moderate to complex questions, situations, or issues involving life, or relationships, or history, or God's word.

There are two variables in this motto.

The first variable is you.  Before you can be honest and fair with anyone else, you must be honest and fair with yourself.  Therefore, if you are doing what you think you should do and you aren't getting the promised results, then you need to verify how you are doing things.  Like Salvation, God's blessings are already there and just waiting to be taken.   This requires you to be honest and obedient per God's word (with time and money we build out this section).

The second variable is life.  There are things outside of your control and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself against these things, except when you have peace of mind, you are able to grief and morn and take the punches because you see the right path out or you are actively seeking the advice of others on how to resolve the matter or how to take the next step up.   Gaining success overnight can be as devastating as losing everything over time.  Some might even argue they would have rather had never had the money, or fame, or success than to have had it and lost it and working every day to find it again. 

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